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05.03.20: SysBio2020 has been canceled.

04.03.20: Information regarding the COVID-19 outbreaks has been updated. Programme Grid updated.

28.02.20: Information regarding the COVID-19 outbreaks has been updated. Abstract book and Programme Grid updated.

26.02.20: Information regarding the COVID-19 outbreaks has been updated.

24.02.20: Information regarding the COVID-19 outbreaks has been added. The full abstractbook Access only for registered users is now available as a PDF download.

12.02.20: Additional places for fully booked courses have been added.

10.02.20: Detailed information and the registration for Blackboard Teaching, Computer Practicals & Workshops has been added.

07.01.20: The Programme grid has been added.

28.12.19: The Registration and abstract submission deadline has been extended to January 9th, 2020.

28.11.19: Information on the social event is updated.


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Advanced Lecture Course on Systems Biology

March 7 - March 13, 2020
Hotel Grauer Bär, Innsbruck, Austria

UPDATE COVID-19 – March 5, 2020

SysBio2020 has been canceled. All participants have been notified via e-mail.

Dear SysBio2020 participants, colleagues, friends and students:

In the last days, and even today, we have seen cancellations from both students and teachers; also universities in many countries have given strong advices not to travel within Europe, even to what are now safe places, to prevent spreading covid-19.  Based on these rapid developments and the uncertainties associated with it for safety of participants, spreading the virus and potential quarantine scenarios, even though we still think they are relatively small, we have decided it is not responsible to continue with the course. So with pain in our hearts, we call upon force majeur and cancel the course. We are very sad, but it is out of our control. We hope and believe that everybody will understand the situation.

With respect to possible refunds, we will be trying the get the most out of it and are working to minimize applicable cancellation fees. As of now, it is impossible to predict the level of refunds, as the administration burden to handle the refunds is substantial. The exact amount of refunds will depend on the burden of necessary administrative handling, and the amount of sponsorship return if applicable at all. Thus, the amount of actual refunds cannot be determined before April 2020. If we will be able to do reimbursement we will use the banking information as provided.

We will keep you updated and try to solve the situation with the best outcome!

All the best,

The SysBio Organizers

UPDATE COVID-19 – March 4, 2020

Dear SysBio2020 participants, colleagues, friends and students:

 No additional or new infections have been diagnosed in Innsbruck for the last week. All hotels in Innsbruck are open and operating normally, and scientific meetings are being held. We believe that the risk situation is negligible for individuals, as long as they do not come from any of the known outbreak hotspots. Most importantly, the government and health authorities in Austria have not issued travel restrictions and in fact discourage canceling of meetings or events. Airport operations are normal in Vienna or Innsbruck, and train traffic from the north or south, east or west to Innsbruck remains affected, except for minor delays.

 Nonetheless, we have had quite a number of cancellations from teachers, and so the program has been adjusted substantially, please check the website for updates. Nonetheless, we think we still have a fantastic line up of teachers and the course will still be very valuable to students. Therefore, SysBio2020 will take place as originally planned, starting on Saturday March 7, 2020 unless unforeseen further emergencies require a re-assessment of the situation. The organizers will take a final decision by Thursday, March 5, 6PM CET at the latest and inform all participants accordingly. Please stay tuned.

 Importantly, we understand if you wish to cancel your participation, owing to personal concerns about health and safety or because of a minimal residual risk of a quarantine situation in the hotel. You will have to cancel participation by sending an e-mail to by Thursday, March 5, 11AM CET at the latest. However, as the final deadline for refunds has passed, only a partial refund of your registration fee may become possible. The exact amount will depend on the total number of cancelations we receive, the burden of necessary administrative handling, and the amount of sponsorship return if applicable. Thus, the amount of actual refunds can only be determined after the end SysBio2020.

 Finally, and importantly, the special situation also demands that participants opting to attend SysBio2020 agree that attendance is entirely at their own risk. The organizers cannot be held accountable or liable for any damage, loss of property or health issues or quarantine scenarios that originate from or relate to the attendance of SysBio2020, including travel to and from Innsbruck.

 Despite this difficult situation, we hope to see you in Innsbruck. We look forward to a stimulating SysBio2020 course though under very special circumstances. Please stay tuned, read your e-mails and keep an eye on the SysBio2020 webpage. Do not hesitate to contact by e-mail in case of any further questions.

 The SysBio Organizers


On behalf of the Scientific Advisory Board, it is a pleasure to invite you to the Advanced Lecture Course on Systems Biology.

Systems Biology is one of the most prominent newly emerging interdisciplinary science areas. By connecting fields such as genomics, proteomics, cell biology, medicine, molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics, with mathematics, bioinformatics, engineering and computation, it enables discovery of yet unknown principles underlying the functioning of living cells. At the same time testable and predictive models of complex cellular pathways and eventually of whole cells are generated, which are useful for efficient experimental design and bioengineering and the network-based design of drugs and therapies. This advanced lecture course will cover essential and state-of-the-art aspects of SysBio from principles and methods through the modeling of living systems to applications in biotechnology and medicine.

We were able to commit many leading experts to participate as lecturers, tutors, black-board teachers and informal poster discussants and we are thus confident that this course will be an outstanding lecture course with an exquisite scientific program. It will open the doors for regular student training in Systems Biology in Europe, provide a basis for a human network of young Systems Biology experts, and provide a centre for other Systems Biology discussions between scientists and funders.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Innsbruck, Austria.

The Course Organizers

Bas Teusink (NL) Ursula Kummer (DE) Edda Klipp (DE)
Uwe Sauer (CH) Karl Kuchler (AT)  


Jaochim Herzfeld Stiftung SynCrop BMBF

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