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This is the archived site of a previous course. To access the curent course please go to the curent course.

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Housing & Travel

Arrival & Departure

Please note that the official course programme will start with the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, in the evening.
The programme ends on Tuesday, March 5, 2018, in the evening with the Final Keynote Address followed by the Farewell Dinner & Party. Departure day is Tuesday, March 6, 2018!

ARRIVAL in Innsbruck:

The registration fees include full board and lodging (6 nights) at the venue. The hotel is located within walking distance from the train station for those who prefer some fresh air after their travel.


The venue of the course is the "Hotel Grauer Bär****" in Innsbruck with indoor leisure facilities such as a fitness center, indoor pool and sauna. Rooms have been pre-booked by the organizers and therefore no booking by participants is necessary. Innsbruck, the place of two Olympic Winter Games, invites you to enjoy downhill as well as cross-country skiing slopes to foster informal scientific discussions in fresh air. Rental gear and instructions will be available. Double rooms will be available for students and postdoctoral fellows.

Should you need accommodation for additional nights before and/or after the meeting, please contact the Course Office.

Travel to Innsbruck

The world-famous City of Innsbruck is located in the heart of the Austrian Alps and can be conveniently reached by several means of transportation:


Innsbruck has an international airport well connected to every major hub in Europe.
Taxi costs from Innsbruck Airport to hotel: about 15€

If there is no reasonable flight to Innsbruck you may also fly to Munich and take the train to "Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof". It’s only a train ride of 1h 45min without changing trains. But be aware that you need to take the train (S-Bahn) from Munich Airport to Munich main train station (approx. 40 min.). Please find more info here: Munich Public Transportation
You can check and book your train connection from "Munich Hauptbahnhof" to "Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof" either here: German Railways or here Austrian Railways.

If you fly to the Vienna Airport you can also take the train to Innsbruck. Vienna has a direct train connection from the airport railways station to Innsbruck (and of course other destinations). The train ride from Vienna Airport to "Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof" takes you about 4h 45 min, without changing trains. Check and book your train connections here: Austrian Railways.


Travel to Innsbrucks main train station "Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof" with the Austrian Railways.


Innsbruck is situated at the intersection of the european highways E60(A12) and E45(A13).
Please let us know if you need more precise directions to find your way or use a routeplanner such as google maps.

Please be aware that there won't be a organized shuttle to the airport and the train station. The hotel is located within walking distance from the train station for those who prefer some fresh air after their travel.

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